Beta 4.3 released

Download it here

Change log:
Moved suffix types into an enum
Moved character size stuff into TextProcessingSettings
Added main form font button right-click context menu
– Character size display
– Added form to change the current character size and toggle auto calculation
Added ability to specify character size in batch conversion settings form
Added character size to batch conversion log

Beta 4.0 Released – Batch Conversion

Download it here.

Added ‘File -> Batch Conversion…’

Sorry it took so long, but I decided to wait until I’d implemented everything I wanted before releasing. It’s easily the biggest change since I started this on Sourceforge, with about 25% extra code.

I think I’ve properly tested everything, but please report any bugs here or through the sourceforge link at the top. Also let me know if you think of any other features that could be added.

Beta 3.4 Released

Download it here.

Inverted text brightness and contrast when using white text on black background mode
Current entered width or height now kept when loading a new image
Fixed problem with output binary images having an extra space
Added right-click ‘Flip Horizontally’ and ‘Flip Vertically’ to the text image