Happy Birthday 0.9.6! 5

It’s been exactly three years since the last version was released. I don’t know how that happened, and I’m really sorry about that. If I’d noticed a few weeks ago then I might have been able to get something together, but you’ll have to wait a little while longer for a stable and tested version.

Over the last three years (really?) I have only worked on the code sporadically, but I’ve made a huge number of internal changes that have improved performance and stability all around.

Keep your eye on the massive 2.0 change log: http://ascgendotnet.jmsoftware.co.uk/changelog/2-0
Follow the progress on twitter: http://twitter.com/ascgen

Current plan is: rewrite the (currently broken) settings code, sort out an installation program, testing then release. First part is the real sticking point, after that’s done then the program will finally be ready to go.

Then I can start on Ascgen 3. :stare:

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5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday 0.9.6!

  • Robert

    Love the old ascii art! Only problem was that I couldn’t get it to print but I guess that will be fixed when/if Jonathon releases an updated version.

  • Georgi 'Sanmayce'

    Hi Mr. Jonathan Mathews,
    many thanks for the very addictive Ascii Generator 2.0 tool, I think it is a piece-of-art by itself. Tool which creates art I call Art-Tool, very handy, useful and mostly sight-for-sore-eyes in form of A3 posters which I post all over my room (starting from yesterday).

    Last two nights I have been playing with it and I can say that even bad quality photos (especially them) are kind of redeemed (that is filtered or better yet stylized).
    Also I found that when one wants to have always in his sight the favorite (in my case human faces outlined and not burdened with unnecessary artifacts /colors/noises) this is the convertor.

    For example the best results I achieved with this settings in MS Word doc page:

    A3 portrait
    margins: 0.3″ from all sides
    font: Lucida console 2pt
    Font scale: 93%

    The font ‘Lucida console’ being more dense/thick than ‘Courier New’ gives better contrast, of course these fonts are of course non-proportional.
    The picture must be rotated 90 Clockwise with 712 chars in order to fit as full line!

    In average picture must be under 1200px both sides, and pictures like 600px don’t yield good results i.e. they must be around 1200px.

    I like for instance this one:

    For my regret I cannot donate but at least did make a link to your site at http://www.sanmayce.com/Downloads/index.html

    Best wishes, you did a joy-toy for sure.