Current Public Version: Ascgen 2 v2.0.0, released 2011-09-26.
(All previous releases are available from our sourceforge files page)

Choose either: Zip File (143.2Kb) or 7z File (123Kb).

Source Code
Choose either: Zip File (352.1Kb) or 7z File (158.7Kb).

Translation Files
Place one of the following xml files in the same directory as the executable file:

Language Download
American xml
Bengali বাংলা xml zip
Bulgarian български език xml
Chinese (Simplified) xml
Chinese (Hong Kong SAR) xml zip
Chinese (Taiwan) xml zip
Croatian hrvatski xml
Dutch Nederlands xml zip
French Français xml
German Deutsch xml zip
Greek ελληνικά xml
Hungarian Magyar xml zip
Italian Italiano xml zip
Italian (2) Italiano xml zip
Norwegian Norsk xml
Russian русский язык xml
Slovak slovenský xml zip
Spanish Español xml zip
Spanish (Costa Rica) Español xml zip
Ukrainian Українська мова xml

Want to translate it into another language? Check the faq.

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