Beta 4.3 released 2

Download it here

Change log:
Moved suffix types into an enum
Moved character size stuff into TextProcessingSettings
Added main form font button right-click context menu
– Character size display
– Added form to change the current character size and toggle auto calculation
Added ability to specify character size in batch conversion settings form
Added character size to batch conversion log

2 thoughts on “Beta 4.3 released

  • Dwayne

    A vote for the .gif animation here, if by that you mean generating asciimations, and not, for instance, multiple batch conversions for each individual frame.

    I think it’d be great if you had a play button the preprocessed all the frames in memory and ran through them. I’d say you’d have to preprocess all frames on play and save, because it’d make things slow down for changing details (size, brightness, contrast, font, ramp, etc) I think for really large .gif sources.

    I know there is that program, I think German, out there that does .gif conversions but has no play feature. I’d like to actually see the animation play in the software if it’s possible. I think it’d be really slick.

    Maybe you could have a third save feature, `Save movie’ that activates once you have a multiple frame source, and the two initial save formats being animated gif and text scroll animation. You can leave batch processing for converting all individual frames of a gif animation into seperate text or image files?

    Anyway, those are just my suggestions.

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