7 thoughts on “Beta 4.1 released

  • Dwayne

    Is there any chance we can get image size adjustment for bold text, because I think it creates an interesting look having the output in bold but it’s always stretched?

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure if this is fixable or not, but I found that file titles seperated with a period default to saving as a bitmap image and treats the point after the period as the extension. If there any titles like this xxxx.xxxx then they save for me as a bitmap, even when you’ve got the .gif format set, with a .xxxx extension.

    I just ran batch on a few files seperated in such a manner and it appears to have gone unresponsive?

  • Jonathan

    Fixed the problem with the periods on save as image, but I couldn’t see anything wrong when I do a batch of them.

    I also can’t recreate the problem with bold fonts. I found that picture and it resizes it to 150×149 on my computer, so it might be another Windows 98 problem.

  • Dwayne

    Okay, thanks for looking into it. It’s probably something to do with .NET not being fully implemented into Windows ’98 by MS. I’ll just enter it manually.

    Thanks for addressing the other problem.

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