Beta 6.0 released – Variable Width Conversion 6

I still haven’t gotten to the two things I mentioned because I keep finding bugs. Can’t put it off any longer:

Download it here

Variable Width Conversions
Added exception handling for the odd dividebyzero error reported
Added Edit menu
Set the valid ramp dialog’s textbox to display in the current font

Known issues:
Some non-western script fonts are wrong
Right edge is jaggedy

Edit – Forget to mention this: Variable width font conversions have an output size of 7*Output Width pixels, ie the default is 150 characters, so that’s 1050 pixels wide.

6 thoughts on “Beta 6.0 released – Variable Width Conversion

  • Dwayne

    Wow! Tried out Times New Roman and Verdana so far. I notice that the jagged edge isn’t a problem at all until I get down to size 6 Times New Roman, and it’s more of a problem when the valid characters are removed. Verdana seems to work fine at smaller font sizes.

    This is great! Thanks!

  • Dwayne

    I don’t think that’s Tahoma, but I’ve been trying to look for it. I haven’t added any fonts since last installation of Windows so it’s accompanied Win ’98, whatever font it is?

    I think this is wonderful! I notice with variable width, the capital characters are more problematic generally than it would be on mono, since all the caps are very large and all the small caps are very small; although there appear to be exceptions, as in the above font. The best valid chars I’ve got for Times New Roman 12 are ,.;acemnrsuvwxzflt

    It has made the software 10 times more impressive, although I’ve been a bit too busy to give it a thorough go yet. I will love to devote quite some time to it.

  • Jonathan

    It looks like Tahoma to me. I’ll release a new version in a few days with an improved output. It’s already better, and I’ve a few more ideas that I need to try.

  • Dwayne

    Yup, definitely Tahoma. Sorry about my confusion.

    I compared the Lucida Console output to Times New Roman, with optimal valid chars, and they’re comparable but I noticed one distraction about Times New.. was the fact that the darkest colours (the f’s, t’s, and l’s) were so close together that they created a sort of lined effect in some images. It’s nevertheless unavoidable and yet very interesting and unique, and I can use Time New Roman output at a certain message board which won’t allow tags.

    (It’s much better than the search/replace routine I was using of 6 width characters and paired 3 width characters… the output in TNR 12 is very much already far surpassive of the best that I could do through forging results using a preset ramp and running it through BK Replace ’em. If I can this morning, I’ll try and get up a couple of examples of what I was doing before this release and how it looks on your software!)

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