Daily archives: January 17, 2005

I suck at blogging

I really do. Work on the new Ascgen took a break, but I’ve started up again and I’ll try and keep this updated.

Current goals:

    Inherited version of the PictureBox class, adding brightness, contrast, interpolation mode, load, and some other things that Microsoft should have put in before they ever released it. (Nearly complete)
    FXCop compliance. (Almost)
    Porting over the original conversion code
    Working out an accurate way to get the dimensions of a character when displayed in a font. 😐

Answers to common questions:

    Versions for other operating systems will hopefully be available through the Mono project
    Colour pictures would require a totally different approach, and probably won’t be added. With the pictures the Ascgen produces each character represents a different gray colour without needing any extra processing. For colour images, each character is set to a colour with html/rtf/etc and the character itself is irrelevant.
    This will probably go open source when it’s at a stable working build. Until then, please don’t ask for the code.

😕 I’ll think of more later…