Update 6

The program has been converted to .net 2.0. The menus have all been replaced with draggable menustrips, and I’m using the Silk icons set for most of the items. The exe size has dropped by about 80k.

All but one of the native winapi functions have been replaced with .net functions (for the last I need to either find a way to check the text metrics in .net or an accurate method to detect if the font is fixed width).

About having accurate output for all the fonts, and this is a real kicker, they were always accurate. The richtextbox control doesn’t display them correctly. Even in the older version, if the text is all messed up and you save it as an image it will save correctly. Using ANSI characters, some of the fonts display the characters in the control as a square, but still save the output correctly. We will just have to live with it until I sort out a way to fix the output, or write my own text control.

I want to add one more thing before I release the new version (a form to edit the settings), so unless I get distracted by another project it’ll be out sometime this week.

Boring technical stuff that I couldn’t find the solution for online and had to workout for myself, part 1
You have a toolStripContainer with a MenuStrip and a set of ToolStrips. After spending a couple of minutes neatly lining them all up how you want, you save and compile and everything’s good. Except that every single time you reload the form, or just switch to the code then back to the designer, all the controls are rearranged to fit one per line. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Here is how to set the control positions at runtime:

// First clear the container

// Then add the strips one by one in _reverse_ order using:

// Finally add the menustrip:

6 thoughts on “Update

  • Jonathan

    Writing a settings form is surprisingly complicated, and no fun at all. :/
    I might just give up and disable it so I can release the program.

  • Dwayne

    I don’t consider it personally very terribly important, but it your decision. My old PC broke down. Oh well, it had to happen sooner or later. But rest assured, when I upgrade it was the last PC on the planet to still used Windows ‘98! 😛

    Have you ever used the software BK Replace ‘em? I use it on your software’s results results to my colour scheme. I love that software! I just thought you might like to know, incase it has any ideas in terms of its GUI or implementations.

  • vynum

    You don’t know this but I have been following your program for quiet sometime. I’m presently designing some maps for unrealtournament 2004 and soon UT2k7. Your program will enable me
    to produce results very quickly. Also I will be creating alot of nfo files for my readers.

    Your program rocks!

    credits in my work will be given to you in my “thanks to” section.


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