Beta 6.8 released + news 6

Download it here

I know I’ve said I wouldn’t release a new version until the ansi/non-standard characters problem is fixed, but I’ve been unable to find a solution that doesn’t break the api calls needed to accurately measure the fonts, so I gave up and worked on something else for a month, then decided to just go ahead and release the code as it currently stands.

This will be the final version released… using the .net 1.? framework.

After having another look at the TextRenderer class in 2.0, I worked out why the sizes weren’t matching up to what they should be, and I’m fairly certain that I can use it in my program. More importantly, it can handle any characters, and should (theoretically) allow the program to work correctly for every possible font with any character.

Added right-click menu items to show a dialog for changing the selection area’s fill and border colours
Added saving/loading of the selection area fill and border colours from the settings file
Added confirmation dialog for closing an image
Added confirm on close to the settings file (default: true)
Fixed double-click on a selected area loses the selection area
Changed clicking outside the image to not remove the selection area
Moved image and text brightness/contrast settings into a sub-category
Added variables and settings to specify whether to load image and text brightness/contrast and levels from the settings file (default: false)
Added variables and settings to specify whether to load the output size from the settings file (default: true)

6 thoughts on “Beta 6.8 released + news

  • Dwayne

    An idea concerning banners. How about have 3 tabs: image, ascii, banner. (I like the order especially). The banner therefore can be superimposed over an image or an empty space, with a contol for translucency.

    On the ascii tab, there’d be another form beside ramp: banner. The banner form would have the banner text with formatting codes (/e=enter, /c=centre, /r=right, /l=left) for quick editing.

    Also, the idea would be that you could highlight the banner text or a part of it, click a right-click menu with an option to change font/size/style(perhaps even colour). As you know, I’m keen for that to one day be integrated into the Ramp/ValidChars input as well.

    I also would love the double quotation marks idea preserving character combinations; eg. a”as””asc””ascg””ascge””ascgen” .,;ceflmnt(and my bold `l’ which is so far the only bold character I can work into conversions). It’d be good for colour conversions which use a repetitive string; just use the one character combination and no ramp: “ASCGEN” … and the colours are overlapped over the text.

    The only problem I can think of is if you wanted to have two seperate ramps/v.chars, one for the image and one for the banner.

  • Dwayne

    The quotation mark tags would be doubles of the standard keyboard quotation marks, not the special 66’s and 99’s, seperate characters which might possibly be needed in ones gen.

  • Dwayne

    Just been working with AscGen original for banners, and I don’t know whether it’s experience but I prefer that the confirm close dialogue is triggered with a `no’; ie. “Save ASCII?” rather than “Close without saving?”

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