Current Status 3

Just to be clear, this is very early on in development so don’t expect anything soon.

The ASCII conversion engine is in, but I’ve run some tests and I’m not happy with the output. It’s OK, but when compared to the old version using the same ASCII ramp and settings, the output from the old program is just a little bit better, probably due to how Graphics.DrawImage resizes the picture. If I can’t work out how to improve it I’ll rewrite the old code using unsafe{}, which is something I wanted to avoid.

When that’s done, I’ve got an idea about how to improve the sharpening, which will either work really well or not make much of a difference.

So currently: you can load an image, choose the font, adjust Brightness/Contrast, convert with stretching and sharpening, then save the output as text.

3 thoughts on “Current Status

  • K?r?ad

    Please add the font Verdana and make us able to find and replace some characters. For example, I will want to change all ” “s to “_”s.
    Thank you!

  • Jonathan Mathews

    Sorry, but Verdana is a variable pitch font and ASCII pictures have to be displayed with a fixed pitch font where every character has the same size. The find/replace thing will definitely be added if the new program ever gets that far. Thanks for the comments.

  • Paul Reissner

    I’m an ASCGEN Diehard, so i’m eagerly awaiting a new version, no matter how long it will take. Keep up the good work and it should be done in no time.

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