Beta 7.1 released 6

Download it here

Removed “Force Greyscale” option when saving images, and set it to always output greyscale
Added “Font…” to the edit menu
Added “+” to the center of the selected area when moving it
Fixed pictures not being released after they have been loaded
Fixed brightness/contrast not being applied to the colours when saving as a colour image
Fixed saving as html/colour text with ansi and other non-standard characters
Small improvement to outputted css

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6 thoughts on “Beta 7.1 released

  • Jonathan

    That’s a raster font, and you can only use truetype fonts with the program (which is basically every font except that one). I’d guess that you might be able to get a ttf version of that font somewhere, but I haven’t been able to find one yet.

    What you could do is find the size of a character in Terminal (Command Prompt->Properties->Font Tab), then in the ascgen2 go to “Edit/Specify Character Size…”, uncheck auto and enter the size.

  • Tatsuya

    i think there might be something wrong with 0.7.1, when i save as a colour text (24 bit rtf) and open in word, word asks me what encoding to choose in converting…
    0.7.0 does not do this. Is there something wrong? no matter what i choose it ends up with words and ‘s everywhere. I dont know much about this stuff.

    also, is it not possible to save as an image in colour? sorry if this has been brought up before.

    oh and in 0.7.0, when saving as an a 24 bit rtf, the first 2 characters of the first line need to be deleted… (the first line is always 2 charcters too long and its the first two characters that are always the same no matter the picture).

    i think this program is great and far better than anything ive tried so far.