About the current version 9

First, a note to people still downloading the previous version: STOP IT. That is what happens when you link directly to a file instead of the download page.

Things I forgot to mention:

  • The save as 8-bit colour output is currently using the inbuilt gif compression to reduce it down to <256 colours. It isn’t very good at it, so the output will be much better if I ever get around to writing my own octree quantization code (or find some gpl code to do it).
  • To get the best results, check the invert output button so it has white text on black, then “save as colour text”, and save as 8-bit XHTML. I’ve been meaning to write some tutorials for a long time.
  • If you want to save it as an image, to print or whatever, I would suggest the Save As Image plugin for firefox. Then just load the html into firefox and you rightclick to save the page as a png.

9 thoughts on “About the current version

  • Dwayne

    Haven’t tried that extension, but MiniCap from DonationCoder is also good for screen captures. It can do scrollable windows, which I gather the Firefox plugin can do.

  • Anton

    Your program rocks!
    I’d leave a donation if the color text output only wasnt stretched, ruining the “image”, and the convert to image with the checkbox “force greyscale” unchecked would stop giving a greyscale image still 😉

  • Jonathan

    The color text output should be the perfect size, please let me know how to reproduce a stretched image.

    “Force greyscale” is there to stop problems caused by cleartype adding color information. If you don’t have cleartype on, you won’t see a difference.

  • Dwayne

    Concerning the quality of black/white backgrounds, I find white backgrounds produce good colour results when using a smaller font, so that there’s less whites. I’m finding large fonts (ie. size 9,10) go quite well with small areas with black backgrounds. Some pretty cool stuff that way. Is there a way to get the program to compute a perfect default colour background considering the various factors when outputting colour?

  • Maiku

    Wow Great ASCII Generator !
    in fact you are THE BEST out there , without a doubt , in freewares and sharewares , i found & tried a lot this week , maybe you dont have many *fancy options but hell! thats what i call SUPERB!!! the final result quality is simply astonishing !!!
    (i give you 5 stars!)

    *(you should consider laydown a paypal donation button on your site!)
    its just a idea , pardon for my english …

  • Jonathan


    There’s a menu item that leads to paypal in the program if anyone ever wants to donate, but in about four years I only had a couple of donations so I decided it wasn’t worth keeping a button on this page.

  • Dwayne

    `doesn’t have many fancy options’… I actually think it’s loaded with what’s necessary. You have variable width conversions, which I’ve never encountered before anywhere. On var width, I love it heaps but for demonstration quality it may need a left alignment or an option to align the text in some unobtrusive way to the image. It’s not necessary for me. Every font on your system is accessible. Colour conversions for monospace fonts. I won’t mention my ideas again, which I’m sure are getting annoying.

    I created a ramp for Lucida Console size 6 in case anyone’s interested. I done it up before the conversion to the option for valid character ramp generations, and the ramp gen is about equivallent, so try these valid chars @%#&Wwnuvoxesc;,:. and space (and & but it seems to return a crash).

    Anyone else?

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