Beta 7.0 Released – COLOR OUTPUT 2

Download it here

Changes in this version:
Added “Save as Colour Text” to output as html and rtf files with the Color information added
Added menu links to the report a bug and feature request pages
Changed batch conversion form from contextmenus to contextmenustrips
Added saving as html files

Now don’t say I don’t do anything for you people.

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2 thoughts on “Beta 7.0 Released – COLOR OUTPUT

  • Dwayne

    I think if you do implement word loop, it should be wrapped depending on characters not whole preserved text. Probably goes without saying.

    But secondly, I was wondering if the monospace/var width `trigger’ that disables colour output could be worked into the Valid Characters instead of font. So that if you chose characters of 1 var width font, say Times New Roman, that all shared the same width (like the numbers, for instance) it’d aknowledge it as monospace?