Beta 6.3 Released 8

Download it here

Implemented the save default settings feature.

Set up the program how you wish, and go to “Edit/Save Settings as Default” to write the settings to an xml file. The file must be in the same directory as the executable, and have the same name as the executable but with “.xml” replacing “.exe”. If you want to change anything, you can go back into the program make the changes and overwrite the file, or edit it with any text editor.

Added functions to load and save default settings from an XML file
Fixed textbox not being set to correct colours on start
Added UseGeneratedRamp, DefaultRamps list to the variables class
Added "Save settings as default" menu item

8 thoughts on “Beta 6.3 Released

  • Anonymous

    The XML idea with ramps is pretty cool. A selector for the Valid Characters would be nice, also! Font & Font Size, levels adjustment size, and remembered directory would be perfection.

  • Jonathan

    I left out storing the font for the last release because it’s a little complicated with all the different settings you can have, and setting up the font isn’t straight forward. Forgot about default directory, but that’s easy to add.

    What do you mean by selector for valid characters?

  • Anonymous

    You have it like this in xml; I thought it would be convenient like 8 selectable valid character combinations? Rather than font specific, it’d probably be easier to just have 8 which the user can flick through through a drop down menu, same as the ramp?


    The main reason why Auto would be great like this is because the valid characters functions on Auto only. I could copy the ramp to clipboard and paste it into the .xml settings and change the code for certain extended ASCII characters, but I can’t implement it across variable width generations.

    The ramp is still, I find, a very interesting feature, even though the auto generation gives almost identical results to what I had making the ramp seperately. It allows me to adapt a normal ASCII image and (after adjusting the ratio) run it through a search-replace software and create things like images comprised of icons. I find it essential for such experimentation.

    The Auto feature, however, is like an alternate to the Ramp and I thought a similiar functionality — a drop down menu — would be nice?

    Anyway, I’m just floating ideas. You always have the best ideas of how to implement things.

  • Jonathan

    Thanks, that’s been bugging me for a while, I just hadn’t gotten around to sorting something out. I think I’ll hide the drop down ramp and auto button, and add a textbox for the valid characters when you’re using a variable width font.

    Fyi, you aren’t limited to eight ramps. You can have 0 to however many a drop-down list can hold.

  • Dwayne

    I was thinking, maybe you can come up with a way to integrate all 3 things into the ramp dialogue (ramp, valid characters, and eventually banners and words — colour gen can work from ASCII ramps, but also repetitive words) changeable in the menu?

  • Dwayne

    …Valid characters would always appear in the box for variable width font gens regardless of whether ramp or valid characters are selected?

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