Beta 6.2 Released 2

Download it here

A couple of bug fixes and a lot of internal changes. Saving and loading of default settings should be in the next release, I just need to stop messing about with the css and php for this site and finish it off (doesn’t it look nice now, though?).

Restored missing text on the batch conversion settings form
Fixed localization strings
Added default output height, brightness/contrasts, levels, stretch, flip, invert to the variables class
Added levels values to the batch conversion output log

Please let me know if you see anything broken.

2 thoughts on “Beta 6.2 Released

  • Dwayne

    I’d like to let someone else speak about your wonderful software, but it seems kind of quiet. Haven’t played around a lot. Haven’t had much sleep having to sleep during the day and with an Australian heat wave. Too tired to really experiment around. I just downloaded the new version… quite eager for the save settings. Even the most basic of save settings — Font, Size, Sharpness — will help! I don’t have any ideas about ramps or valid characters, though. I have a ramp for Lucida Console size 6, and valid characters for Lucida Console & Courier New size 9 (about the same: “;:. censBHMR” and Times New Roman size 12: “,.;acemnsuxflt?”–I reduced a few chars to create a more harmonious image. Really want to come up with something for Tahoma size 9. The only font I’ve found that looks good with all characters, but it could look even better. So many different ramps and valid character combinations for specific fonts and sizes, but you can only really expect at most one to eventually be integrated.

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