Ascgen dotNET 0.9.5 released – Dithering and more 4

** Download it here **

Internal design changes, and some cool new stuff.

Thanks to an great idea sent to me through sourceforge, the program now comes with the ability to run a dithering filter over the output.

Why would you want this? Well, the text output is like having an image with a small palette of colours. Adding noise to the output helps to blend the different greyscale colours together and produces a result that is (hopefully) more pleasing the eye. There’s also a random element which weights the dithering and helps hide the pattern.

Check out the wikipedia article for more information on the theory behind this topic.

Translation file changes
The program will now automatically load a translation file if one (and only one) is in the same directory as the executable. The filename has to be in the format translation.*.xml with * being the language code (although at the moment it doesn’t matter what you put there). For an example, here’s the American translation file: translation.en-us.xml

The full list of untranslated strings is here:*checkout*/ascgen2/ascgen2/translation.xml

Text Widget
The brightness/contrast and levels widgets have been merged into one new widget, using tabs to switch between them and a new control for adjusting the dithering levels.

Visual Studio 2008
The codebase has been moved to the new Visual C# 2008 Express Edition, so you’ll need that if you want to compile the source code yourself. The executable is still being targeted at .Net 2.0 so hopefully there shouldn’t be any difference (I can’t see any good reason to change it to the latest .Net yet).

Full change log:
Fixed extra characters being added to colour rtf files in some font sizes
Added automatic loading of a translation file (translation.?.xml) if one is present
Added a basic dithering filter to the output
Changed Ascii filters to implement an interface rather then inheriting a class
Added specialized interfaces for the filters
Moved brightness/contrast and levels into one widget
Improved the levels control
Stopped brightness/contrast accepting clicks from anything other than the left mouse button
Stopped brightness/contrast control updating the output twice on reset or image load
Added new control for dithering level and dithering random level to the text widget
Added loading and saving the dithering values to the settings file
Changed text widget to implement the brightness-contrast/levels/dither interfaces
Changed brightness-contrast widget to implement the brightness-contrast interfaces
Made main form access the widgets through their interfaces rather then directly
Moved code development to Visual Studio 2008
Fixed processing the conversion twice during image load

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