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I’ve been messing about fixing little things and putting off releasing it for days now, and I could go on like that for ever. So I’ve decided just to go for it:
(REMOVED – newer version released)

A Sourceforge account is set up and I’ll be uploading there for future versions, but at the moment the source code isn’t quite ready to be released so I’m hosting the file here so as to not break their conditions.

No installer, no text files, just one executable to unzip and run. You need the .NET framework installed so if you don’t have it download it from the Windows Update page at Microsoft (it’s only been tested on v1.1). So, start it up, load an image, click on the text tab, maybe maximise the form, adjust the sliders a little then “File/Save as an Image…” and you’re done.

Remember: This isn’t an update of the old Ascii Generator, it’s a whole new program that looks and works differently. Many of the old features haven’t been carried over yet, and some of the more unnecessary ones will not be added. The main thing missing is the automatic ASCII ramp optimisation for the current font – at the moment it’s making do with a rough version of a ramp for Lucidia Console, which is why other fonts look a little off.

Reasons to use this over the old program:

    Text brightness, text contrast, and other effects can be altered on the Text tab in real-time. No more going back and forth clicking ‘Edit’ and trying different settings.
    The output can be resized and saved as an image automatically.

Leave comments/bugs/etc here or at the Sourceforge page.

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