Beta 8.0 released 5

Download it here

I’ve gotten rid of the tabs, and put the input and output images on the same bit so they’re both viewable all the time. I’ve been playing with it for a few weeks, and you get used to it.

Added printing and print preview. Currently it prints to one page, and uses as much of the paper as available.

Right click on the input image, and you can rotate and flip it.

Full changes:

New Features:
Added ability to print the text image
Added print preview and page setup
Moved image and text out of the tabs and into a split panel control
Added rotating the input image by 90/180/270 degrees
Added flipping the input image horizontally and vertically

Fixes/code changes:
Fixed potential problem with version checking order
Changed picturebox SelectedChanged event to only fire after the selection has finished changing
Added picturebox SelectionChanging event to fire while the selected area is changing
Cleaned up and reorganized WidgetBrightnessContrast class
Added RotateImage(RotateFlipType) to the JMPictureBox
Fixed being able to access output menu when it is disabled
Fixed selection being lost in some cases after clicking outside the image
Moved output unsharp/sharpening/blur into separate filter classes
Moved output filters into an arraylist

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5 thoughts on “Beta 8.0 released

  • ghsax64

    Nice work with the latest release,

    What other changes/additions are you considering for future versions?
    Is it possible to have full colour support (in preview window and print preview etc)
    -I’m assuming it must be difficult as you haven’t done it.

    Be great to have a development blog or something. Even if your not working on this project much.

    Awesome program. Keep up the great work.

  • Dwayne

    I agree with the new layout. The image itself is very secondary, and it saves on the tiring routine of clicking through tabs. Nice move!

  • Jonathan

    Printing, previewing and print previewing the colour output are all waiting on me writing a text to image function that includes the colour information. It actually shouldn’t be that difficult, but it will probably be slow. There are only a few more things that I really want to add.

    This used to be my development blog… I might add a wordpress blog to the main domain, there have been a few things recently that google failed me on and I thought about posting here.

    Speaking of google, this site is number 1 for “cleartypes”. Yeah…