Beta 2.4 Released 7

Nothing major, just finishing off the selection area stuff and reorganised the code a little.

Download here.

Change log:

    Moved all globally used variables into a separate class
    Moved all resource code into a new class
    Moved application Main() into it’s own class
    Added right-click “Lock Selected area” to the image
    Moved all remaining Windows-specific code into NativeMethods
    Mouse cursor now changes when over the selection rectangle or modifiers
    Added an extra semi-transparent border when the selection area is being moved
    Removed modifier handles while moving the selection area

Please feel free to leave comments or email me: J (at) jmsoftware dot co dot uk. If you want to, you can use more then one word.

7 thoughts on “Beta 2.4 Released

  • Antony

    I think it would also be great if you implemented a feature that allows you to send video from Windows Media Player into the program, so that it creates a video composed of text.

  • Dwayne

    Here’s the results of my experiments at a ramp:


    (in case that doesn’t highlight, it’s followed by 6 spaces)

    I think it produces interesting results at size 6 font? The goal was a grey scale using every key once, but I found the symbol keys were too obtrusive (aside from :.). And also, all the small caps with a second line in height or depth (ie. dbq). The whole thing probably needs fine tuning in both the occurence and possibly the ordering. Capitalizing the m’s or altering the sequence between capital and small caps m’s helps add detail to the darker areas. (I intended it for the Courier font, but it seems to work best on Lucida.)

    Anyway, here it is incase you can expand upon it.

  • Dwayne

    Here’s the full small caps ramp:

    MNWmkwgqpdbhynaufxvsezotrjcli::::::…..(5 spaces)


    MNWHmBKERAQUkwgqpdbhD4Fy8GOVnP9SX6YZauTfJxvL52sez3CIotrj7cli::::…………(13 spaces)

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