Beta 1.7 Released 3

Just procrastinating with little changes before I start on a big feature, so nothing major:
Moved ASCII ramp and ‘Choose Font’ button onto the text tab, with real-time updating of the text image when the ramp changes, and removed the corresponding widget.
Added Brightness/Contrast widget Minimum/Maximum properties – I really don’t know why I had added half of the code then forgot to finish it.

3 thoughts on “Beta 1.7 Released

  • LeViL

    i like ur program, if you can send me the source.
    im working on a similar program with some functions that i can’t find in your.
    please send me !!!

  • Jonathan

    Hi. The source code is available at the sourceforge site (, and the cvs is regularly updated between releases.

    If you’re after the code for the old program, then sorry but that won’t be released (I’ll be rewriting the best bits for the new program anyway).

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