Update 3

The problem with the new conversion code has been fixed and the output is looking very nice. If I could have found it before spending several days porting the original code it would have been even better.

Finished the code to apply 3×3 convolution matrices to the output image, and replaced the old sharpening code with a matrix. Eventually the user will be able to enter a custom matrix to be used (i.e. for blurring/alternate sharpening/edge detection/mean removal etc). I’ve also got an unsharpening mask working, but it’s a little disappointing (2xoriginal – blurred, right?).

Aside from that, there’s lots of little things done that are hardly worth mentioning (drag drop image onto the form/executable, resizeable form so you can go full screen or use it in 800×600 mode, validation…)

3 thoughts on “Update

  • Alan Monroe

    Feature suggestion: Fill phrase. Fill the background with a continuously repeating copy of the user’s chosen word or phrase (say, the person in the picture’s name), then punch out the light parts of the source image with space characters.

    I got the idea when trying to input my name into the Character ramp box of the old version.

  • Alan Monroe

    Feature suggestion: ordered dithering (at the ascii level). Just for fun, might be able to create some wierd effects with it.

  • Jonathan Mathews

    Thanks, noted. I’ve never really looked into ordered dithering before, but ASCII Rasterbation sounds interesting.

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