Next version: Globalization + Save and Print Colour Images 2

Just as a heads-up, the next version of the program will include the ability to translate it into whatever language you want (or change words to make them sound rude).

Originally I planned to use the inbuilt globalization stuff, but it’s unbelievable how complex it makes everything. Instead I’ve come up with my own easy system that piggybacks on the existing resource class and loads the strings from an external xml file.

The current full list of translation strings is here:*checkout*/ascgen2/ascgen2/translation.xml

You can use any or all of these by translating the strings inside the tags.

It will also finally come with saving to colour image files, and printing in colour. Which was much harder then the translation stuff.

I’m not sure whether to have the version number as 0.8.3 or 0.9.0. Maybe 0.8.5?

Plus, I’ve changed into a blog so I can start posting more off topic stuff without cluttering this one up, and I hope to start posting regularly soon. It also hosts a few random little programs.

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2 thoughts on “Next version: Globalization + Save and Print Colour Images

  • Kristof


    Thank You for the news. I’m waiting the new ascgen. 🙂

    I think the version number shuld be 0.9.0 because ascgen will have new features. 🙂

    I hope the new ascgen will arrive soon


  • Jonathan

    I’ll probably go with 0.9 since it’s got the translation stuff. The current hold up is that I keep making new changes (check out how big the changelog is this time), plus I want to test it properly this time.