6 thoughts on “How’s this?

  • Dwayne

    I think it looks great! A definite improvement!

    Is there any chance that we can get the output size gadget moved to the text tab?

  • Dwayne

    I think increase and decrease buttons rather than sliders for brightness and contrast might help to reduce size, and function just as well? And I also understand the need to not have font details on the bottom of the text tab as I think it would be superfluous to have font name and size, but an increase and decrease button next to the font button to increase/decrease font sizes would be convenient.

  • Jonathan

    Font button, stretch and sharpening stuff have all been removed from the text tab because you can just right-click to change those things.

    I’m still not decided about the output size. I think I might just add a small toolbar above the tabs that will let you change output size, the ASCII ramp, etc.

  • dwayne

    I guess that will work; I must confess to having neglected the right click menu thus far.

    I still get use out of the banner feature in the original ASCGen, is that coming along in the future with ASCGen .NET as well? Can’t wait until all the features have been integrated. I’m on a slow PC but your program is not only the best converter but runs perfectly! Batch conversion and running of JavE is much more processor intensive.

  • Jonathan

    The banner thing should eventually be added. The only hard part is to write a form that takes some text and converts it into an image (which is then passed to the main program). There are lots of fancy effects you can do to text in .NET, so it’ll be much better then the old program’s if I ever get around to it.

  • Dwayne

    Another feature that I’d like to see integrated is the ability to edit and fine tune the results as in the original ASCGen.

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