Moved ASCII ramp and Font button to the text tab with realtime updating
Fixed Brightness/Contrast widgets Min and Max properties

Almost total rewrite of JMPictureBox, greatly improving the painting speed
Improved conversion speed by resizing the image before applying the matrix

Renamed JMPictureBox.Caption property to the more standard JMPictureBox.Text
Improved speed of image display by only calculating it’s position when necessary
Fixed bug with Widgets disappearing on form minimize

Replaced ASCII ramp textbox with a combobox and added some more ramps
Changed default ramp with a better one
Rewrote LoadImage to avoid having the loaded images locked while the program is running
Fixed problem with redrawing multiple times on loading an image
Fixed main widget problems, and their position is now locked to the nearest corner

Added exception catch for unknown/missing file errors
Added some more localization
Moved Brightness/contrast onto a floating control
Moved output size onto a floating control + various related changes
Last changed output dimension stored, and other dimension is recalculated when needed
Moved ASCII ramp and font onto a floating control

Brightness/contrast labels refreshed while changing the values
Added right-click context menus to the RichTextBox and Image
Fixed bug with brightness/contrast not being enabled when image was passed as an argument

Fixed problems with transparent images (background now white)
Set maximum output width/height to 999 characters
Added code to catch out of memory errors
Various code tidy-ups