Note: Future versions will have the version number 2.x to indicate the move from beta, while avoiding confusion with the previous Ascgen program. The “dotNet” suffix has also been removed in preparation for eventually moving away from that framework.

Added percentage of zoom to the colour preview’s title
Cleaned up the print code a little

0.9.6 (Current public version)
Added a form to preview the colour output
Added menu item to change the position of the image and text frames from horizontal to vertical
Added automatically choosing the panels orientation layout from the screen size
Changed main form to access the RichTextBox through an interface
Moved interfaces into their own namespace
Fixed being unable to save variable width font conversions as an image

Fixed extra characters being added to colour rtf files in some font sizes
Added automatic loading of a translation file (translation.?.xml) if one is present
Added a basic dithering filter to the output
Changed Ascii filters to implement an interface rather then inheriting a class
Added specialized interfaces for the filters
Moved brightness/contrast and levels into one widget
Improved the levels control
Stopped brightness/contrast accepting clicks from anything other than the left mouse button
Stopped brightness/contrast control updating the output twice on reset or image load
Added new control for dithering level and dithering random level to the text widget
Added loading and saving the dithering values to the settings file
Changed text widget to implement the brightness-contrast/levels/dither interfaces
Changed brightness-contrast widget to implement the brightness-contrast interfaces
Made main form access the widgets through their interfaces rather then directly
Moved code development to Visual Studio 2008
Fixed processing the conversion twice during image load

Added toolstrip with buttons to rotate and flip the input image
Replaced the different save menu items with a dialog
Set Accept (enter) and Cancel (escape) buttons for edit settings and text magnification forms
Fixed ctrl codes being enabled/disabled when they shouldn’t be if the menu hasn’t been opened

Improved speed of applying convolution matrix (used in output filters)
Added saving to an image with colour
For images with transparency, the transparent area is now black if output was inverted on load
Changed to no longer prompt to save after saving as an image
Added colour print and print preview
Added loading resource strings from an xml file
Added translation filename to the variables and settings file
Added form to change some basic settings in the program
Improved speed of automatically generating ascii ramps
Moved updating the settings into the Variables class
Moved processing xml nodes into a new class
Added saving as a nfo file
Localized the batch conversion log
Removed depreciated Hidden property from the widgets
Moved saving the settings into the Variables class
Changed the settings file to read and write to settings.xml
Fixed Ramp dropdown box being cut off
Moved Brightness/Contrast controls into a separate control
Replaced brightness/contrast textboxes with numeric up down boxes
Added saving as colour text and images in a batch conversion
Added a menu item to check for a new version
Fixed current output directory changing back to the default directory after saving
Added right-click menu item to reset the brightness/contrast widgets