Started moving responsibility for autogenerating the ramp into TextProcessingSettings
Temporarily fixed batch conversion ramp not being auto generated
Fixed freeze on width or height less then 2

Added DrawText function with a offset parameter
Moved Image to Values, Image to Colors and Text to Image into separate classes
Moved values to text conversion classes into separate files
Cleaned up TextProcessingSettings
Moved applying the filters from TextProcessingSettings into the AscgenConverter
Moved filter list creation to a property in TextProcessingSettings, and only recreated when needed
Cleaned up ConvolutionMatrix and changed Apply to be a non-static function
Moved applying a ConvolutionMatrix for a filter into a new subclass inherited by blur and sharpen
Fixed error in the application of the ConvolutionMatrix
Moved applying the ConvolutionMatrix values into a loop
Fixed filters not being applied to the edges of the output
Optimized unsharp mask a little
Changed to only create static filters once
Required a factor in the ConvolutionMatrix constructor, and added a default constructor

Added maximum width and height to the variables and settings file
Restored clicking and dragging outside the image to start selection
Added checkbox, menu item and F12 shortcut to toggle image visibility
Added link to the tutorials page
Added the currently open filename to the title
Added dragging and dropping an image onto the RichTextBox to load it
Added pressing escape while dragging/moving selection rectangle to cancel changes
Cleaned up and refactored JMSelectablePictureBox a little
Added holding shift while selecting to constrain it to a perfect square

Added ability to print the text image
Added print preview and page setup
Fixed potential problem with version checking order
Changed picturebox SelectedChanged event to only fire after the selection has finished changing
Added picturebox SelectionChanging event to fire while the selected area is changing
Cleaned up and reorganized WidgetBrightnessContrast class
Moved image and text out of the tabs and into a split panel control
Added RotateImage(RotateFlipType) to the JMPictureBox
Added rotating the input image by 90/180/270 degrees
Added flipping the input image horizontally and vertically
Fixed being able to access output menu when it is disabled
Fixed selection being lost in some cases after clicking outside the image
Moved output unsharp/sharpening/blur into separate filter classes
Moved output filters into an arraylist