Fixed problem saving batches to a root directory in some versions of Windows
Fixed ratio and full screen buttons on main form bouncing up and down
Set default batch image scale to 75%
Fixed incorrectly name combobox in the main form

Moved suffix types into an enum
Moved character size stuff into TextProcessingSettings
Added main form font button right-click context menu
– Character size display
– Added form to change the current character size and toggle auto calculation
Added ability to specify character size in batch conversion settings form
Added character size to batch conversion log

Batch conversion forms:
| – Fixed problem with inputted settings ramp not being saved
| – Set gif file to be the default output image format
| – Added date-time stamp/random suffix option
Fixed problem saving as image when there are “.”‘s in the filename

Added saving as image to the batch conversion form
Fixed batch conversions valid character string not saved
Moved all valid ramp characters strings into one global variable

Batch Conversion
Moved Font, output size into TextProcessingSettings
Moved text processing application into TextProcessingSettings
Moved textbox to int handling into the relevant textbox_changed functions
Added AsciiGenerator Convert functions to handle image->string[] in one call