Inverted text brightness and contrast when using white text on black background mode
Current entered width or height now kept when loading a new image
Fixed problem with output binary images having an extra space
Added right-click ‘Flip Horizontally’ and ‘Flip Vertically’ to the text image

Added button to switch from black text on a white background, to white text on a black background

Now able to change ramp/auto settings when no image is loaded
Improved speed of auto ramp generation
Added “Import from Clipboard” menu option

Added right-click context menu to the Auto button:
| – Copy the generated ramp to the clipboard
| – Set the characters used to create the ramp
Fixed problem with DrawText when string starts with ‘&’

Fixed problem with saving as image being wrong on certain fonts
Added ability to automatically generate ramps for the current font
Moved fullscreen button on to a real checkbox button