Fixed problem with previous image being shown if ramp changed on invalid size
Added ability to change tabs with Ctrl-1 and Ctrl-2
Added ability to switch to a fullscreen view via F11 or the menu
Added check to prevent saving on an empty ramp
Added right click menu option to show or hide the selected area fill
Added toolbar button to switch to and from fullscreen

Fixed bug with output size not updating when font changes
Added File/Close menu option
Added button to lock/unlock output size aspect ratio
Fixed bug with image not saving if on the image tab

Removed the extra border when moving the selection rectangle
Fixed bug with widgets sometimes moving on startup
Changed the look of the application
Removed sharpen, stretch – use right click to change them
Added ability to close widgets
Added new &View menu section to change current tab, and show/hide widgets
Moved Output size, ASCII ramp and Font to a toolbar
Made About dialog resizable

0.2.5 + 0.2.6 Skipped

Moved all globally used variables into a separate class
Moved all resource code into a new class
Moved application Main() into it’s own class
Added right-click “Lock Selected area” to the image
Moved all remaining Windows-specific code into NativeMethods
Mouse cursor now changes when over the selection rectangle or modifiers
Added an extra semi-transparent border when the selection area is being moved
Removed modifier handles while moving the selection area

Added horizontal and vertical selection area modifiers
Fixed problem with the selected area shifting when it’s modified
Fixed problem when selecting outside the image

Added ‘Image:’ and ‘Text:’ to the tabpages when an image is loaded
Added ability to drag the selected area around the image
Added handles to change the size of the selection area

Added ‘Remove Selection’ context menu to the image
Improved picturebox redraw speed when resizing if the displayed image doesn’t change size
Worked around DrawImage() bug, so small images now touch the edges and line up with the selection rectangle

Added seperate delegated functions for brightness and contrast to avoid an unnecessary calculation
Stopped image being redrawn twice on load due to DrawingImage being handled in the wrong place
Changed to use a StringFormat object instead of doing it manually
Fixed innacuracy when calculating ImageLocation
Added JMSelectablePictureBox – sub class of JMPictureBox adding area selection ability